"I Told The Stars About You"
"I Told The Stars About You"

"I Told The Stars About You"

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 "You were the pieces of me I shared with no one else."

I made this piece right before I got engaged. Growing up, I was not raised by my father. I internalized his absence to mean "if he doesn't want to get to know me, I must not be worth knowing." I believe art is an active tangible way to bring our desires into our reality. I did not know when making this piece what I was calling into my life....but I do know this: my story matters, and so does yours. I wish for everyone in the world to have the feeling of peace in their hearts, to know someone they can freely and unconditionally share in this life with, to marvel in all the glorious quiet moments that make up this "small blink of an eye lifetime."


oils on gallery wrapped canvas